First Lady Jill Biden tests positive for COVID

Photo by: The White House
Photo by: The White House

(Washington, DC) -- First Lady Jill Biden has tested positive for COVID.

A statement from her communications director noted a PCR test revealed a positive result after she had cold-like symptoms.

Dr. Biden's positive PCR test came despite a negative antigen test. Her symptoms are described as "mild." She's in South Carolina and won't leave until she tests negative twice.

She's double vaccinated and has received two boosters shots. Just like her husband, the First Lady is taking Paxlovid to treat her symptoms.

In the meantime, the President tested negative for the virus after recently recovering from it. He's going to return to Washington to sign the Inflation Reduction Act Tuesday. However, a White House statement noted he'll mask up while indoors and around others for ten days because he's a close contact to his wife.