North Dakota and National gas price averages see slight increase

Courtesy of: AAA
Courtesy of: AAA

(WDAY) -- Gas prices across the United States are on the rise once again.

The National average for a gallon of regular gas bumped up 4 cents compared to a week ago. North Dakota follows a similar trend, with average prices rising 3 cents in the same time period. AAA says the prices became more expensive due to a tighter gasoline supply and fluctuating crude oil price. 

Four states across the country saw double digit increases in gas prices. Those states include Delaware (+22 cents), Maryland (+16 cents), Ohio (+12 cents), and Indiana (+10 cents). 

In North Dakota, gas prices have seen less drastic changes, but have still risen in price across the state. Current regular gas price averages in Fargo currently sit at $3.88 cents, up only one cent compared to a week ago. Grand Forks also only rose one cent, sitting at $3.89 per gallon on average. Bismarck saw a five cent jump compared to the previous week, with the average sitting at $3.96 per gallon. Buyers in Minot can expect to see $3.91 on average at the pump, a whole six cents higher compared to last week.