Covid hospitalizations nationwide fall, hospitals still feeling strain on system

Courtesy of: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Courtesy of: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

(Washington, DC) -- U.S hospital systems are continuing to feel pressure on their systems, even with Covid-19 cases falling throughout the country. 

According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, 15,647 people across the country are hospitalized with Covid-19. That is the lowest number since the department began tracking the hospitalization count back in July of 2020. As of April 2nd, just over 3% of ICU beds across the country are in use for a Covid-19 patient. 

Experts say the strain on hospitals was exacerbated during the heights of the pandemic, but are still largely felt throughout the healthcare industry. Even with the comparatively low use of ICU beds from Covid, more than 71% of beds are still occupied across the country. Prior to the pandemic, hospitals would see fluctuations in the number of beds during flu season and have a lighter load during the summer months. Experts say the shift leaves the hospital running at high capacity most of the time. 

Experts predict the capacity strain to continue through 2022, and possibly in to 2023.