President Biden wants to end trade relations with Russia

Photo by: The White House
Photo by: The White House

(Ukraine) -- President Biden is making another move Friday to punish Russia for invading Ukraine.

Biden announced more sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, calling for Congress to remove "favored nation status," which makes it very hard for Russia to do business with the U.S.

The President said there's bipartisan cooperation to stand up against Russia's aggression in Eastern Europe. Biden said he's going to ban imports of Russian alcohol, seafood and diamonds. He added the U.S. will be going after Russian oligarchs as they support Russian President Vladimir Putin and harm Russia's citizens.

Biden explained he'll be signing legislation passed by Congress that'll provide 13-billion-dollars in relief to the Ukrainian people. He said America should welcome refugees from Ukraine with open arms. The President said "Putin's war" on Ukraine can never be won, and that Russia will pay dearly if they use chemical weapons.