U.S shares new sanctions being placed on Russian oligarchs

Courtesy of: Government of The United States
Courtesy of: Government of The United States

(Washington, DC) -- The United States is imposing additional sanctions on the Russian government following escalations in Ukraine.

The sanctions are covered in five different categories.


The Department of Commerce placed export control polices on Belarus, who is trading items, tech, and software to Russia. The sanctions look to limit supply sharing between the two nations.

Russia Defense

The Department of the State placed sanctions on Russia's defense sector. The sanctions are intended to exacerbate the costs placed on the nation's weapon development and production companies. A total of 22 Russian defense-related entities are included.


The Commerce Department is imposing sanction on oil technology exports. The sanctions are meant to impact Russia's refining capacity. The sanctions implied will not target energy payments. The reason the white house makes for the exception is because of global energy demands. The goal of the sanctions are meant to diminish Russia's status as a top energy provider. 

Targeting of Military Support

The Commerce department and interagency partners are looking to target entities and agencies who are supporting the Russian and Belarusian Military. The sanction intends to " ensure that the military as well as the aerospace, maritime and high-technology sectors do not obtain U.S. technology goods and technology that can be used to support Russian technical maintenance and innovation."

Aerospace bans

The United States are closing off its air space to all Russian flights. All aircraft certified, operated, registered or controlled by any person connected with Russia is affected. The intention is to further limit business, passenger, and cargo flights between Russia and other nations. 

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