UPDATED: Derek Chauvin Found Guilty on All Charges in Death of George Floyd

UPDATE:President Biden and Vice President Harris will deliver remarks about the Derek Chauvin [[ SHO-vin ]] guilty verdicts this evening.  The now-former Minneapolis police officer was convicted of killing George Floyd last May.  Floyd was an unarmed Black man who suffocated in police custody.  Biden talked earlier today and said he spoke with the Floyd family after the jury was sequestered.  He also argued that the evidence against Chauvin was "overwhelming."  

George Floyd's family is relieved after ex-cop Derek Chauvin [[ SHO-vin ]] was found guilty of killing Floyd during an arrest.  Floyd's brother Philonise Floyd gave an emotional statement after the verdict Tuesday.  He spoke about how difficult it was to see video of his brother's death.  Philonise promised to keep fighting for justice, not just for his brother, but for others around the world.  He added that "justice for George, means freedom for all."


(Minneapolis, MN) -- The official ruling on Derek Chauvin, guilty on all counts.

A jury has ruled that Chauvin is guilty of Second Degree Unintentional Murder, Third Degree Murder and Second Degree Manslaughter. 

This all stemming from the death of George Floyd last May.

You can continue to hear live coverage of all the events in Minneapolis and in the Fargo-Moorhead area by clicking here.