North Dakota State Senator Mathern working on taxpayer-funded college tuition program for low-income students

(Fargo, ND) -- A North Dakota state senator is working on legislation that would allow the state to offer taxpayer-funded college tuition to students from low-income families.  

"I think it's important that we do something whether or not Minnesota moves ahead. In fact, some people have thought this is a response to Minnesota, but actually this concept of college education for everyone has been around a long time," said Tim Mathern. 

The democrat said he and other lawmakers are crafting legislation that would allow students to obtain college loans from the Bank of North Dakota. 

Under the plan, Mathern says each year a graduate continues to live and work in North Dakota, the loan is forgiven. 

His plan also calls for giving tax credits to businesses that send their employees to college. 

University and college presidents in North Dakota recently asked state leaders to come up with a plan similar to Minnesota's new tuition plan. 

Mathern appeared on the Flag's "What's on Your Mind".