Local boat engine mechanic offers summer fuel warning

Image by Pexels
Image by Pexels

(Fargo, ND) -- A local boat engine mechanic is warning boat owners about fuel being sold at gas pumps this summer. 

"E-10 and ethanol itself is a very good solvent so if you leave it sitting in a plastic gas tank or a fiberglass gas tank, anything like that, it will slowly eat away at that plastic," said Wyatt Schempp at KRK Marine & Powersports in Moorhead.

Schempp is commenting after the EPA announced last week that ethanol blended gas will be allowed to be sold at gas pumps this summer.

That's in response to gas market disruptions from the war in Ukraine. 

Usually, the sale of ethanol blended fuel is banned during summer months. 

Schempp is warning boaters to avoid using the blended fuel because of the damage it can cause to engines.