Attorney General Drew Wrigley on gaming in North Dakota: "It's about to explode even more"

(Fargo, ND) -- Attorney General Drew Wrigley is raising concerns about the growth of the gaming industry in North Dakota. 

"The means by which people can gamble in our state has increased quite dramatically in recent years and it's about to explode even more, and people can say all they want about, well it's charitable gaming. I think that if you look at the breakdown of where those proceeds are going a lot of them are going to out-of-state interests, the manufacturers of the equipment for the e-tab machines," said Wrigley   

Wrigley says he and his staff will work to ensure that charitable funds raised through gaming do in fact go to charities and that there is transparency with regard to legislation and state policies related to gaming. 

"When I started last winter as attorney general within two or three months, a very large number of legislators came to me and said, you know we were lied to by lobbyists, we were lied to by some of these people, this thing has exploded, it's become so big, why are these every I look? I just shrugged and said well you passed the laws that allowed that to happen," said Wrigley.    

Wrigley made the comments while appearing on "What's on Your Mind" on AM 1100 The Flag.