North Dakota state representative says dog nuisance bill barks up the wrong tree

(Fargo, ND) -- A Grand Forks State Representative is speaking out against a bill that targets "nuisance dogs". 

"It was all because of one situation of a Rottweiler getting out in a particular district in like Burley County, and actually since this has happened, Burley County has actually passed a home rule charter so they actually have the ability to pass ordinances in this particular place where they're dealing with, they wouldn't need a state law but instead they're going to bother all the rest of us," said republican State Representative Steve Vetter.

Vetter is talking about HB 1364, which the house has passed, and will soon be reviewed by the senate. The law would determine when a dog can be declared a public nuisance and be put to death. Vetter says nuisance dogs are better regulated by local ordinances and says if the bill becomes law, it would lead to unintended consequences.