North Dakota House to vote on measure to increase legal monthly THC limit for medical patients

(Fargo, ND) -- A bill to increase the legal monthly limit of THC for medicinal marijuana patients has passed the North Dakota State Senate.

"In the Medical Marijuana Advisory Council, we were talking about how we compare to other states. We are on the very, very low end of how much medical marijuana, the THC level that we allow our patients to have as their maximum per month," said State Senator Kristin Roers.

Roers sits on the Senate Medical Marijuana Advisory Council, where the bill was originally crated. They initially called for increasing the monthly legal limit for THC for patients from 4,000 milligrams to 8,000 milligrams. The bill approved by the senate increases the limit to 6.000 milligrams. The bill now heads to the House for a vote.

"I'll be honest I'm not a user of marijuana, never have been, I'm not the poster child for this issue but I also have seen it work for patients and so I'm a big proponent of it staying in the medical space," said Roers.  

Original Air Date: 
Wednesday, January 18, 2023