North Dakota state official accuses Biden Administration of "assault against our oil and gas industry"

(Fargo, ND) -- The Director of the North Dakota Department of Mineral resources says the Biden Administration is intentionally crippling the oil and gas industry.

"So the climate change agenda is full on. There is an assault against our oil and gas industry really on every front," said Lynn Helms. 

Lynn Helms says the administration has failed to hold the 3rd quarter 2022 oil and gas lease sale, including 141 parcels in North Dakota that are available for lease that didn't go up for auction. He also says the Biden administration has missed the deadline for the 4th quarter lease sale.  Helms also says the EPA is considering restricting any flaring, and says the administration is considering allowing third parties, including non-governmental organizations, to monitor oil and gas emissions and report alleged violations.

While expressing frustration with what's happening at the federal level, Helms pointed to positive developments for the industry at the state level. 

"We got to 1.2 million barrels of oil a day, so really great news there. October should be equally (improved)," said Helms. 

Helms appeared on The Flag's "What's On Your Mind".