North Dakotans targeted by "threat actor" cyber scams

(Fargo, ND) -- A top technology official from the state of North Dakota is offering a warning when it comes to scams. 

"They found that two groups generally were prioritized for this that most fell victim. They were young adults, people around 20 and older adults, those above 75. So those are the two groups targeted the most by these threat actors," said Michael Gregg, Chief Information Security Officer for the State of North Dakota.

Gregg is reminding you about what to do to protect yourself, after a recent survey found that North Dakotans lose more money per capita to cyber scams than people in any other state. He says banks or financial institutions won't ask for passwords or personnel financial information. Gregg also says to be leery when it comes to suspicious looking emails.   

Gregg says if you receive a phone call from someone claiming to work for a bank or financial institution, asking for personal information, is to ask to call the institution back using their toll free customer service number.   

Original Air Date: 
Friday, September 16, 2022