Former ND state representative Kylie Overson working for DNC to drum up rural support

(Fargo, ND) --  A former North Dakota state representative is now working for the Democratic National Committee to drum up support among voters in rural areas.

"Voters attention spans are very short right now and I think that there is an opening for the democratic party nationally to make a lot of progress with rural voters," said Kyle Overson, Chair of the DNC Rural Council.  

For three years, Overson represented North Dakota's 42nd Senate District.  A recent report in the Star Tribune described the Democrats brand as "toxic" to voters in rural areas.  Overson is working to appeal to those voters, while focusing on areas she says are a current strength for democrats, pointing to infrastructure and diversity within the party. Overson said everyone has a home in the democrat party and says the party is working to "widen the umbrella".