Carbon Monoxide poisoning listed as cause of death for Moorhead family of 7

Image by: WDAY Radio News Staff
Image by: WDAY Radio News Staff

(Moorhead, CA) -- The Ramsey County Medical Examiner's Office has released preliminary blood examination results from the family members found dead at 4403 13th Street South in Moorhead on Saturday December 18th.  The results reveal a lethal level of carbon monoxide toxicity in the victims.

The investigation found two sources of carbon monoxide at the home, including the furnace, located in a separate room inside the garage area.  The furnace has an exterior air intake for fresh air.  However, detectives working with the State Fire Marshal and an HVAC professional could not duplicate a furnace malfunction that would allow carbon monoxide to enter the home. 

The second source of carbon monoxide is a Kia van, located in the garage, that had some mechanical issues related to the battery. 

Further testing from victim blood samples is taking place at a qualified lab to determine if there is a presence of hydrogen cyanide which would have originated from the exhaust of the van. The lab test may take up to eight weeks for results.