Staff at Hector International Airport in Fargo gear up for Thanksgiving holiday rush

They're gearing up for a busy Thanksgiving week at Hector International Airport in Fargo.

Fargo Airport Authority Executive Director Shawn Dobberstein says things are currently running smoothly at the airport and does not expect issues or disruptions during the Thanksgiving holiday travel period. 

The average number of travelers going through security each day is averaging between 1,300 an 1,500.  Dobberstein expects the peak number to reach up to 2,000 through the holiday season.

Dobberstein also offers suggestions and reminders to travelers aimed at making the airport experience as smooth as possible.

"I would highly suggest you connect with your carrier through your phone, smart app or online so that you can get text messages with immediate updates about the status of your flight so that you are well aware of what may happen if it is a mechanical situation or a weather situation that might be impacting flights someplace around the country," said Dobberstein.    

He also offered another suggestion aimed at reducing the amount of time waiting in lines.

"If you want to avoid those long lines I encourage people to get TSA pre-check.  That saves you a lot of time at airports where you can to go a designated line.  Just go on and check pre-check.  It's $85 for five years," said Dobberstein.

On Monday, an official with the TSA said 93% of workers were in compliance with the Biden vaccine mandate.

Dobberstein said he was not aware of any TSA staffing issues at the airport associated with Monday's mandate deadline.