Armstrong Speaks Out on Jan 6 Select Committee

(Washington, DC) -- North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong released a statement after he was named to the January 6th Select Committee by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

“January 6th was a tragic day. It is clear there was a failure of leadership at multiple levels that resulted in a security breach at the Capitol. Americans deserve to know the exact nature of those failures. We need to make sure that law enforcement, staff, members, press, and everyone else who visits Capitol grounds are never placed in that situation ever again. We need to accomplish this while guaranteeing the Capitol remains open and accessible to the American people. The committee’s investigation cannot be about politics. Our nation needs to heal, find the truth, and restore confidence in our institutions. Efforts to score partisan points will do nothing to make the people who work here safer and will further entrench our divisions. I am hopeful that we can conduct a fact-based investigation that ensures the security and accessibility of the People’s House.”