Epic Companies Seeking Feedback on Fargo Waterpark

(Fargo, ND) -- It could be a whole new way to cool off in the Fargo-Moorhead area, and Epic Companies wants your feedback on it.

The local real estate and development firm has reportedly hired a consultant and are working on concepts for a waterpark, which is still in the infant stages.

Plans currently would include indoor and outdoor features in Anderson Park, just south of I-94 and directly off 45th Street South that would not only attract locals in the area, but also those who travel to Fargo.

The name of the proposal is called EOLA by Epic, which is on land purchased from the Fargo Park District. The new owners say they continue to work with Fargo Parks to make sure their needs are met as well, with the overarching goal to make a family-friendly space accessible for those with special needs, filling workforce needs or even brining more jobs into the area.

To see more of the initial plans for the water park, click here. To take the survey, click here.