Hoeven issues statement on Electoral College vote January 6

Senator John Hoeven issued the following statement today regarding the joint session of Congress on the Electoral College:

“Like the majority of North Dakotans, I support President Trump and have worked with the President to advance policies important for North Dakota and our nation. After the recent election however, many North Dakotans and Americans remain concerned about irregularities in the presidential election, particularly in regard to mail-in voting. That’s why I support establishing a committee to examine the election and will work with other members of Congress on both oversight hearings and to make necessary reforms. 

“Under the Constitution, states are responsible for our elections, and the people, through the Electoral College, elect the President. Each state certifies its electoral vote, not Congress. The people of North Dakota do not want Congress to determine their vote, and we should not set the precedent by doing it for other states. Therefore, I do not plan to object. Additionally, the courts, not Congress, are responsible for resolving any electoral disputes and any irregularities should be adjudicated through the courts. This is what the Constitution outlines and that is how we should proceed.”