Sen. Cramer statement on protests turning violent in Fargo and across the country


U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) issued the following statement on protests in Fargo and across the country turning violent last night:

“We must not let the unlawful actions of some detract from important discussions about race tensions in our nation. Nor should we allow the destructive actions of out-of-state professional rioters to define the civil activism of good people in our state and its communities.

“Most importantly, we cannot allow the actions of a criminal cop to diminish our respect for the many noble and heroic officers who protect and serve, knowing every day may be their last.

“Governor Burgum and Fargo’s local leaders and law enforcement officials handled yesterday's situation effectively, facilitating a peaceful demonstration and moving quickly to subdue the violence.

“I now urge everyone to come together and pray for our country. Do not disperse into your comfortable corners and echo chambers. Reach out, listen to the voices of people crying out in pain, and begin a constructive dialogue about the tough issues we can no longer ignore.”