Cramer: Let the Governors open up their own states


Senator Kevin Cramer, one of two Republican Senators for the state of North Dakota, says he thinks President Donald Trump should let the governors make their own decisions on how and when to open their own states. Cramer appeared on WZFG and KTGO’s Small Business Town Hall 2.0 on Monday night.

“It’s going to happen with or without governors, in my view,” he said. “President Trump is going to do it as fast, safely and responsibly as he can. I would say the same for Governor Burgum.”

Cramer says citizens have all learned the benefit of social distancing.

When asked about his thoughts on a timeline, Cramer said that he hopes that it can start fairly soon. If it doesn’t, he sees citizens starting to move around.

“If you don’t (open it up fairly soon), you’re going to see more traffic,” he said.