Ice fishing access sites closing soon


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Omaha District, Garrison Project would like to remind the visiting public, the 2019-2020 ice fishing access sites will soon be closing for the season. The ice fishing access policy is in effect from freeze over until April 1, or until the lake becomes ice free, whichever occurs first. As the area continues to experience above freezing temperatures, the ice conditions will begin to deteriorate. Several access sites are beginning to thaw, and we want to remind the public that utilizing only existing roads and not traveling off road is critical to resource protection. If issues arise, areas will be closed early to protect the resource from damage and will be evaluated for future use. 

North Dakota Game and Fish requires, all unoccupied fish houses must be removed from all waters beginning March 15 until ice out. The US Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Sakakakwea would like to remind the public, ice houses stored or left on public lands will be considered abandoned property, and fish house owners may receive a payable citation and fish houses may be impounded. Personal property needs to return to the owner’s residence or other appropriate storage location and not be left on public lands. 

The Corps of Engineers does not encourage or recommend driving on the ice at any time. Anglers are advised to use caution while accessing the lake as mild weather conditions can quickly result in unstable ice conditions. Ice conditions can vary from region to region, between lakes in the same region, and even on the same lake. 

For additional information contact the Garrison Project Office Natural Resources Staff at (701- 654-7411).