OPINION: Hennen - Old Glory

We live in perilous times.  Many of us find ourselves either angry or sad about what is happening to America. 
If you spend 15 minutes a day listening, reading or watching the news you know inflation is on the rise, our employers are competing with government checks to get the workforce they need to keep the doors open.
Our national debt is over $23 Trillion as the Biden administration seeks to raise your taxes to spend $3.5 Trillion on social spending they call infrastructure.
Our borders are open, the COVID crisis remains a battle of fear versus facts, and our Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are asking themselves why did President Joe Biden undo our hard-fought battle?
We doubt election results and weep as our schools indoctrinate rather than educate. Simply put, we live in a time where everything must be questioned as we seek the truth.

There are many ways we could choose to respond to these challenging times. 
I have a suggestion, let’s look to our American flag to regain our footing.

Does Old Glory fly above your home or business?
How about at your farm or ranch?
I asked NDFlagPoleGuy.com’s Jim Swartout what role the Flag can play in our nations’ revival. 
We should all take his answer to heart.

He told me “My grandfather’s country is falling apart. 
We should all read a history book written before 1960. It will show you all the times that despots have risen to power and tried to assume control over the masses, rather than giving individuals opportunities."  
“For some reason, people in power seem to want to tell everybody else what to do.  Doesn’t it seem like we are repeating history?  We elect representatives and presidents to represent us to the world.
Now, suddenly, they're giving the world, our treasures, our weapons to our adversaries, and telling us that we must be for this and we have to get a shot, and their patience with us is growing very, very short. Really?”

Jim worries that “power over people, delivered in that reckless manner, has not ended well throughout history.  We don’t want that.” 
Let's pray for another great American awakening. He says we need to return to “civil order.”  And it starts at the kitchen table. 
“We really need to teach our children about history, it’s Christian founding and the American flag!  This symbol of freedom has been fought over for 245 years.
Everybody that has experienced individual freedom has adored this symbol, and the freedom it brings.  When I install a flag pole most people, if not all of them, have a tear in their eye when the flag pole is installed.
When the flag is raised on their property, it represents their beliefs. It's their symbol that has been shared by everyone else since the founding of the United States of America. 
It's the common bond shared by millions over time in this great nation and the common thread of civil humanity.


Let’s raise that U.S. Flag.  It’s prevailed over much peril in our history.  Never forget that.